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Developer Hand over Documentation

What are my strategies as a web developer

My first initiative would be to get accustom to the system, acquire admin access to debug and test the existing system files back end
1. Brainstorming – paper and pen/white board sketch proposal of the system
2. Resource gathering: – Know what system the project platform was built upon.such as the sever specification, content management, operational Relational model or opensource project framework.
3. Prototyping- the process of converting my pen and paper design to digital live sketch
4. Review framework – generate report log to appropriate where adequate changes are due
3. App design- Analyse wire frame architecture and generate change control document
4. Create cost invoice – Propose a high durable modern native app design template
5. Create developer handover document


  • Client Jesus Christ Watch Man securities
  • Task Hosting Server, Development
  • Website Admin: Esiri Ekwale